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Happy Clients, Happy Business

Each one of our clients is significantly important to us as we partner to build out an outdoor advertising strategy that reaches the right audience with the right message. Because we work directly with billboard owners, we are able to purchase space in bulk and pass the savings on to our clients.


Happy Clients


Great Value


Customer Service

Your Success is Our Success


If you are in need of expert advice and knowledge about billboards in the Atlanta market, Bill Hobbs brings tremendous value.

His familiarity with the multitude of locations along with his relationships and volume buying discounts make working with Bill a plus for any advertiser. He handles the creative process, installation of the vinyls and provides valuable, time-saving additional services needed after the vinyls are up, such as doing market rides or handling any issues that arise.

We considered and actually looked into working directly with the major billboard companies ourselves/direct. It didn't take long to realize we were better off working with Bill because of the savings in time and money he brings and the overall efficiency he provides in the handling all our boards for us. We deal with one knowledgeable consultant, who streamlines the process, making our lives easier.

Thank you, Bill!

Dan Jape


Just a word to confirm that doing business with Bill Hobbs re: outdoor media marketing has been true to his company's name ... "Effortless".

Mr. Hobbs is a pleasure to work with and definitely knows this business. The flexibility of his service and His "aim to please" sets him apart from all the rest.

If you are considering outdoor marketing, there is no need to look any further.

With Bill Billboards, you have found the best!

Deb G1lmore
Director of Operations
American Foot and Leg Specialists, P.C.


Over the last 3 years, Affiniti Golf Partners has grown from managing/owning 8 golf clubs to 20 golf clubs throughout the Southeast. A large part of this success has been due to our ability to grow top line revenues within a struggling industry and economy. We do this through sound marketing strategies that help our clients capture and expand their market share.

One of the marketing strategies that has truly been an asset to many of the golf clubs we service has been the use of outdoor media, such as billboards and posters. To facilitate the best result and rate, we have used Bill Hobbs and Effortless Outdoor Media for over three years. Bill not only helps us to secure the best locations and rates, but also helps craft an effective message and presentation. This ensures that all the necessary elements for a successful outdoor campaign are in place and fit the golf course/property they are intended for.

The help and service that we have received has been of tremendous value to our company, and I would recommend Bill and Effortless Outdoor Media to anyone considering employing this type of media for their business.


Megan Stuckey
Director of Marketing


Bill Hobbs has been doing our outdoor work for over 6 years. He first started as our representative with Lamar. Bill has always stayed in touch with possible billboard opportunities for our restaurants.

When we did a large outdoor showing in 2006/2007, Bill gave us the best pricing and locations. He knows the market and is always competitive.

With Bill now being an independent rep, it can only be good for the client, as he will shop locations and pricing in the entire market.

When we consider outdoor advertising, we call Bill Hobbs with Effortless Outdoor Media.

Richard J. Pratt
Folks, Inc.


Dear Bill,

We would like you to know how pleased we are with the outstanding personalized service you have given us over the past few years. We greatly appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. By working with you as opposed to the Outdoor Company directly, we feel that you have saved us time and a great deal of money. We have recommended you and your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.


Don Adkison
Vice President of Operations


Bill was a pleasure to work with. He was instrumental in getting us the best deal and great locations (scouted them for us). He made the process smooth and seamless.

Also, Bill made very good recommendations to our design person regarding the copy layout (color, size of logos and website copy etc ... ), in fact, his ideas made our boards easy to read and really pop.

I worked with Lamar before signing with Bill and their customer service was very impersonal. They made no recommendations on the layout and didn't take any time to get to know us. Bill was low pressure and always conscious of our needs and budget. I like that he actually came to campus to meet with me and that he wasn't just trying to sell me a billboard. He is all about building and developing long-term customer relationships.

I recommend Bill without hesitation or reservation.

Scott Burke, M.Ed.
Director of Admissions
Clayton State University


Working with Bill Hobbs and Effortless Outdoor Media is always, as the name says, effortless. His knowledge of the Atlanta area and market, as well as the outdo, or industry is second to none. Bill works to find not only the best placements but also the best rates.

Karen Ruby
President/ CEO
Signature Advertising


Bill Hobbs with Effortless Media handles all of our outdoor marketing campaigns and has been a true pleasure to work with. Bill has a strong passion for what he does and displays one of the highest levels of customer service I have experienced in working with vendors in the advertising industry. I originally had boards with the outdoor companies directly and when I met with Bill he changed the artwork to be much more effective, and he saved me time and money.

Bill has a vast knowledge of the marketplace and helps to make sure that he presents his clients with the best opportunities to spend their advertising dollars.

I would recommend Effortless Media to anyone who is considering outdoor marketing, or who may be limited to one company providing them service and would like to diverse.


Mindy Hall
Director of Operations
Rapid Results


It's always a nervous challenge to dive headlong into new media, but when LaGrange College made the decision to purchase billboard space, we put ourselves into your hands and have not regretted it for a moment.

Thank you for holding our hand through those early days. Thank you for always responding to our calls in a timely manner. And thank you for seeking outing-out new locations that may benefit LaGrange College's message of "Transforming Lives".

Here's to continued success.


Lee Davis
Communications & Marketing
LaGrange College


Bill Hobbs, with Effortless Outdoor Media, is a pleasure to work with. He made the process of purchasing outdoor advertising effortless. He was instrumental in getting us the best deal and great locations while always being conscious of our budget and needs. We greatly appreciate his responsiveness and attention to detail.

Bill also made some very good recommendations on our design and copy layout for the billboards. Our billboards are easily read and really draw people's attention.

I would definitely recommend Bill without hesitation.

Brant Bateman


At Follicle we are good at what we do, Neograft Hair transplantation. That's all we feel we have time to be good at, so when it came time to put forth a modest budget to attract new clientele, we chose a few different forms of media to go with.

I will give you a heads up on which form has returned more bang for our buck, all puns intended, Effortless Outdoor Media. This I can say without a bit of hesitation. the numbers don't even compare. On top of that Bill Hobbs has gone above and beyond to make sure our limited budget is well used. Even more so, it is so effortless it allows us to keep doing what we do best. Thanks again Effortless

Sincerely yours,

Edward "Rip" Van Winkle
Hair Transplant Specialist


I would like to thank you for all of your help in the placement and development of our outdoor advertising. It has been a pleasure to have you negotiating these contracts for us and recommending where we should be.

Your help in getting us the best price for both vinyl and poster copies have been a real time saver. You truly are a one-stop center for us and have saved us time and money.

Thanks for being there for us.

Ron Donley
Greater Atlanta Ba.r-B-Q, LLC
Licensed franchisees of Sonny's Bar-B-Q


We previously had a billboard with one of the outdoor vendors. Effortless Outdoor Media was able to secure an optimal location for us that was much more cost-effective. They provide an excellent service.

Maurice Waddell
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church


Thank You for your service throughout the years. You are a man with impeccable character and someone that I feel good about doing business with. I also thank you for your kind gifts. Just like your service, your gifts are creative and expressive.

Gratefully Yours,

Don Stevens & Horsetown

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