A Successful Campaign

Outdoor Billboard Advertising Success

Building a successful outdoor advertising campaign for advertisers is what we do well.  To give you an idea how we work, these are the main guidelines we use to create a visual story for your business.

Effortless Outdoor Media designs and creates:

  • A visual story with your art.
  • Use a “call to action” like a phone number, web address, or even a street address.
  • Three basic elements with a focus on a single idea are part of effective designs:  an image or graphic, words of impact, and a logo or company name.
  • Designs must be easy to read.  Large fonts are used with adequate spacing between letters, words and lines to increase readability.
  • All text is composed of upper and lower case characters.  (All uppercase characters have been proven hard to read).
  • Be Brief:  Copy is minimized between five and nine words.
  • Color selection combinations with high contrast works best. (Research shows that high color contrast can improve outdoor advertising recall by 38%)


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