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What is outdoor advertising?

Atlanta Outdoor Advertising Market

Outdoor Advertising, Defined

So what is outdoor advertising? Any advertising that is done outdoors that publicizes a business’ products or services is considered to be outdoor advertising. This definition encompasses a wide array of elements should you want to incorporate outdoor advertising into your marketing strategy. From massive billboards lining the busiest highways to posters and smaller ads throughout Atlanta’s MARTA stations, outdoor advertising is everywhere, but why is it so popular?

Businesses utilize outdoor advertising for many reasons, the biggest being location. Not only does this method of advertising allow you to select exactly where your ads will be, it provides you with guaranteed access to your audience, sometimes as often as every day. Outdoor advertising can’t be ignored because of its location either. When you’re driving down the road, you often can’t help but glance at the passing billboards. When you’re bored on a bus or train, you often look around at all the advertising. Outdoor ads can’t be shut off fast-forwarded through, thrown away, or clicked closed. It’s one of the few advertising mediums left that is not consumer controlled.

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Additionally, outdoor advertising presents businesses with the ability to fully customize their strategy. Not only are you in control of design, but you also pick the exact location or locations where your ads will appear. You decide how much or how little coverage you use in a specific area based on demographics and geography.

There are four primary sources of outdoor advertising, popular in the Atlanta area:

  1. Billboards – because billboards take on a one-size-fits-all approach, their an ideal option for any business to consider. Dotted along most major highways, they’re a great way to introduce your business, promote a special event or offer, or reach an integral segment of your audience as they drive by each day. Atlanta is especially perfect for this form of outdoor advertising since the city has such a high volume of daily commuters, ready and willing to drive past your billboard or gaze at it while stuck in morning and afternoon traffic. Because of this, in addition to other reasons, Nielsen ranks Atlanta as the tenth largest media market in the US.
  2. Digital Billboards – having been on the scene for a little over a decade, digital billboards are the newest method for outdoor advertising, encompassing all the elements of a billboard with the addition of a few technological advances. This option is most often used by businesses whose advertising strategy is constantly changing. If promoting a series of events or a special sale that’s on for a limited time, having the ability to digitally load your design onto your billboard, and make changes in real-time, is highly beneficial. Typically, a digital billboard rotates through multiple ads, each one staying up for eight seconds per cycle.
  3. Transit Advertising – encompassing an assortment of actual advertising pieces, transit advertising includes all advertising on or in a bus or bus stop, on or in a subway or station, and atop a taxi or other transit vehicle. This variety allows you to develop an entire transit advertising campaign that uses one or more placement options for your ads. Whether wrapping a bus, putting up a poster in a bus shelter, or advertising inside a subway train, transit advertising gives you an opportunity to create a heavily visual presence for your business, which can really stick with your captive audience of commuters.
  4. Posters – ideal for small-to-medium-sized businesses, poster advertising can help increase brand awareness by conveying strong marketing messages such as a product launch. They create an opportunity to get your ad out quickly and to the right audience by being available in a variety of locations. Usable as smaller billboards on city roads or along the walls of busy subway or bus stations, posters come in a slew of sizes and shapes, giving businesses a lot of flexibility for design.

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Each of these types of outdoor advertising has the capacity to deliver your ads in a way that will enhance your brand. In fact, the average American spends over 18 hours a week exposed to outdoor advertising. Focusing on high-traffic areas such as the main Atlanta highways –  I75, I285, or I85 – or popular neighborhoods like Buckhead or Alpharetta, or the extensive, local, public transportation system, MARTA, provides you with opportunities to reach a high volume of your audience. It can give your ad more impact. It can also increase the ROI potential of your ad(s), and draw more people to your business. 25 percent of people who view an outdoor ad visit the business on the same day they are first exposed to the ad, and 33 percent more visit within a week. Additionally, with the right design, your larger-than-life billboard or poster will engage your audience and demand attention in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

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It’s good to know you’re not in it alone with figuring out the best strategy for your outdoor advertising campaign. The experienced members of Effortless Outdoor Media can take the guesswork out of your decision-making process, carefully analyzing your business’ specific needs prior to recommending options. Once you’ve selected your billboards or other outdoor advertising, Effortless Outdoor Media takes things a step further by assisting you with your ad design. They offer a complete package that truly makes utilizing outdoor advertising effortless.

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