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Outdoor Advertising

Simple and effective

Strategic Outdoor Advertising at its Best

With Effortless Outdoor Media, you not only benefit from over 30 years of experience in billboard advertising, you also receive comprehensive options and creative support to reach your targeted audience across Atlanta and its surrounding metropolitan areas.

Finding the best locations to promote your message to commuters, motorists, and tourists, we help design your ad and create your message.

What are my options for outdoor advertising?

Effortless Outdoor Media utilizes its high-volume buying discounts to offer competitively-priced options for you to display your message in a variety of ways and locations.

Billboard Advertising

Catch the attention of your audience and create a memorable impression as they quickly zoom past by utilizing billboard advertising. The key is to have your message be readable in a short period of time. If your outdoor advertising strategy allows you to build a message that’s short - think less than nine words - and visual, billboards might be right for you.


If you’re looking to advertise adjacent to your business or within your local community, mini billboards are an alternative to consider. These billboard-style advertising pieces are smaller and ideal for when space is limited. Place them directly on the exterior of your business or close by in places such as the back of public benches. Effortless Outdoor Advertising can help you design and strategize how best to use mini billboards should your ad plan include them.

Digital Billboard Advertising

This method rotates static advertiser messages every six to eight seconds on a single billboard. It’s controlled remotely, so copy changes can occur immediately, making it an ideal platform for those looking for more flexibility in their ad messages. If your strategy calls for the promotion of seasonal specials or limited-time promotions, digital billboard space allows you to keep your outdoor advertising messages up-to-date.

Transit Advertising

Not all outdoor advertising is stationary. Take your ads on the move with bus wraps. These large ads, affixed to the outside of buses gets your ad mobile, allowing exposure to stretch throughout a city as the wrapped bus goes on its daily route. Appeal to those riding the bus, fellow commuters in their vehicles, and pedestrians.

You may also consider featuring your ad at a specific bus stop by advertising on the side of a bus shelter. This provides the exposure to the same type of audience - bus riders, commuters, and pedestrians - in a more targeted area of town.

Poster Advertising

Posters are considered another form of billboard advertising. They’re smaller than traditional billboards and can typically be found along primary and secondary high-capacity roads in and around the city. If you’re advertising needs call for a more localized target audience, this option may be worth considering since it is viewed primarily by area residents, regular commuters, and local pedestrians (if any.)


On Average Drivers Spend Over 3 Hours in Their Cars

According to Arbitron, an internationally recognized media and marketing firm, American drivers spend nearly three hours a day in their cars. This creates a captive audience for your outdoor advertising. Regardless of which options you select for your strategy, tap into this great opportunity to get your message to your consumers in the ideal format with the help of Effortless Outdoor Media.

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