How to Build a Brand and Why It’s So Important in Billboard Advertising

McDonalds Billboard in Atlanta GA

How to Build a Brand and Why It’s So Important in Billboard Advertising

Branding goes so far beyond a surface understanding of the business. The most effective brands have followers that not only love the products or services they sell, but love the brand itself and what it stands for. Why? Brands tap into emotions, arguably even more than logic. It’s our ability to relate to a brand on a personal level through things like their social media presence, charitable contributions, or even sponsorships of other products & services.

A brand should cultivate more than knowledge about the product or service, it should create emotional attachment – because that’s what breeds loyalty, and brand loyalty is the most lucrative tool in existence.

Some of the nation’s most beloved brands came from right here in Atlanta Just think of Chick-Fil-A, Coca-Cola, and The Home Depot, to name a few. Each of these brands have a strong loyal customer base. Although they each sell to different markets and sell different products, there is this common thread that runs through all of them.

How do you start to build a successful brand? Think about what values your business holds – these should be fundamental values that never change. example: (each client walks out the door with a smile). Once you have a clear set of values, think about how to market those values as a compliment to your product or service.

Any print & digital marketing materials should not only highlight your product and service, but the story behind it and what you stand for. Again, your customers need to see beyond what you sell to resonate with why you do what you do.

It takes lots of time and effort to build a brand, but once your brand is known, you can really focus on cultivating that following and turning it into some tangible business. Remember – you’re looking to tell a story that your target market(s) will connect to. You need to connect with them on a personal level, not just as another “something” to buy.

Good luck!


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