Freedom of Speech: Billboard Brawl

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Freedom of Speech is defined in the dictionary as the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. However not everyone is willing to accept this highly valued and important constitutional amendment. Recently a controversy has sparked regarding the use of a billboard to speak out against the practice of Scientology. Two parents commissioned a billboard in order to contact their children who are unable to speak with them by order of the Scientology society. The billboard has the words “to my loved one in Scientology, CALL ME” with images of others who have been separated from loved ones due to the practice of Scientology, and it is an amazing example of the everyday ability we all have to utilize our freedom of speech.


The first billboard company ended up taking down the billboard due to harsh criticism and pressure from Scientologists but fortunately, the parents were able to find another billboard company willing to aide in their right for freedom of speech. This controversy is not only an example of the billboard company’s bravery in light of the pressure to stamp out the couple’s freedom of speech, but it is also an excellent illustration in just how powerful and widespread billboard advertising can become. The Scientologists worked so hard to prevent this advertisement from spreading the word about their society because they knew just how widespread the message would be. They attempted to buy all the billboards in the area in order to shut the message down but to no avail. Thousands of people drive by billboards daily and the amount of information shared through these billboards is endless. It is quite amazing how just one singular billboard has become a national news story that is reaching and engaging thousands of people.

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