How to buy a billboard in the United States of America from outside the country

Buy a billboard in the United States of America! NYC times square

Buy a billboard in the United States of America.

Your business may have started out small, but you now find yourself growing to the point of taking things international. As interest in your product or service spreads to the United States you begin to strategize how to advertise effectively to this new, potentially unfamiliar audience. One effective way to reach a large amount of people within a concentrated area is through outdoor advertising. It’s time to buy a billboard in the United States of America! Because of the level of exposure a well-positioned billboard or a series of transit posters can have, out-of-home (OOH) advertising can be a great way to announce yourself and introduce your brand to a new location. This article breaks down how to buy a billboard in the USA.

Accurate targeting

Advertising posters get accurate targeting from these types of ads too

When bringing a new product or service into a market you want to target the right audience from the start. Placing a billboard or transit poster in a strategic location based on demographic information and traffic patterns ensures you’re getting exposure to the largest number of the people possible who are likely to want to engage with your ad. Because this type of data comes from reliable sources like the local department of transportation or a census, you know the data you have to help select the right location for your outdoor advertising is accurate. This can help give you predictable numbers as far as reach and follow-through go for people who see your billboard or poster each day on their commute. If you want loads of advertising impressions it’s time to buy a billboard in the United States of America!

Long-term exposure

Poster signs in train station in the United States of America

Unlike a TV commercial or radio ad, outdoor advertising presents you with the opportunity for extended exposure. Commercials and radio spots last seconds, and many people change the channel or station as soon as advertising comes on. With OOH advertising, there’s no ability to switch it off. Drivers, passengers, and commuters on public transportation will see your ad on a regular basis for as long as you leave it up. This repeat and extended exposure helps cement your brand in their brain, creating more potential to convert them into a customer.

board in the United States of America - billboard in desert

Options such as billboards allow you to make big statement, while transit advertising gives you the ability to plaster your ad throughout a subway or bus station as well as outside and inside the trains and buses themselves for maximum exposure. Digital billboards have the added ability of changing messages in real time, allowing you to create an entire campaign over the long-term where content changes just enough to continually pique the interest of passersby. If you are looking for long-term exposure then it’s a good point to buy a billboard in the United States of America!

How to find OOH advertising in the United States of America

The secret to the successful use of OOH advertising in the U.S. is to partner with the right, local people who you feel confident can support you in your endeavors. They should not only be able to facilitate the purchase of outdoor advertising for you, but should provide an overview of the U.S. OOH advertising market and help you establish realistic expectations for your overall strategy.

Buy a billboard in the United States of America! American flag closeup.

Bridging the gap, literally, to create a seamless process, Effortless Outdoor Media gets to know your business intricately in order to give you helpful and accurate advice around outdoor advertising in order to build a successful campaign in the U.S. Not only that, but they’ll do the local work you can’t such as visiting the site of a billboard to ensure it’s in the best location and then report back. With care and attention to detail, EOM helps your growth into international markets succeed.

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