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Established in 2007, Effortless Outdoor Media was founded by Bill Hobbs as a way to provide outdoor advertising clients with the best options for their outdoor media buying and planning needs without having to connect separately with each outdoor media owner. Before taking the leap into business ownership himself, Bill spent close to 20 years working at Lamar Advertising Company, ranking as the third most successful sales rep out of 800 sales employees nationwide.

Built on a foundation of customer service and providing an “effortless” experience, 95% of Effortless Outdoor Media clients see substantial results from their outdoor advertising strategies. One of our largest clients has already tripled their business since partnering with Effortless Outdoor Media. This is a result of the familiarity we have with interstates, highways, and roadways throughout the Atlanta area as well as our proven best practices in creating eye-catching outdoor media pieces.

Keeping his operating costs low, Bill is also able to streamline each client’s experience in a way that allows him to pass on the savings. That, and you’ll speak directly to Bill when you call Effortless Outdoor Media to begin the process of your customized and personalized journey through outdoor media buying and planning.

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Why Outdoor Advertising?

  • American drivers, on average, spend nearly three hours each day in their cars
  • The more time drivers spend in their car, the more likely they’ll be to make last-minute shopping decisions, influenced by outdoor media
  • Drivers act on outdoor media messages that are clear and easy to see
  • Nearly one-quarter of billboard viewers are motivated to visit a particular store that day as a result of an outdoor ad
  • Nearly one third will visit the store within the same week of first seeing the outdoor ad

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